About Us

A National Park Concession - all visitor services, rates and facilities are authorized and approved by the US Department of Interior, National Park Service.

Carriages of Acadia is a Maine corporation based in the northern community of Houlton.  It is a company wholly owned by the Carpenter family – Mike, Joanne, Charles, Dennis, and Emily.  Mr. Carpenter’s a long time practicing attorney licensed to practice in all the courts in Maine, is a veteran of the Vietnam war, and was Maine’s Attorney General from 1991 to 1995.  He is also a lifelong lover and owner of horses; big and small.  He grew up on a local potato farm and used draft horses for much of the farm work.  He learned his horse knowledge for his father, a well-known local blacksmith who once shod for the Genesee Brewing Company out of Rochester, New York, Emily, soon to be a biology graduate of the University of Maine, shows Quarter Horses and will be on-site at the Park this summer also.

Our goal as we begin our Wildwoods contract is to provide our guests with the most positive Park experience possible.  Whether our guests contact us with their own horses enjoying the many miles of Rockefeller roads or as carriage passengers enjoying a leisurely and scenic ride, Acadia is the premier horse destination of the Northeast.